AZ DHS has awarded dispensary certificates for 2012.

The dispensary application period for 2012 has closed and was based on the set of express rules that can be found here.

Are you planning to be part of the medical marijuana industry in Arizona?

We are currently in the process of assisting dispensary applicants launch their operations if they were awarded a dispensary certificate on August 7th 2012.

Get started learning about operating a dispensary in Arizona based on the final rules released by the Arizona Dept. of Health Services.

Arizona Dispensary Solutions has helped individuals put together complete and compliant medical marijuana dispensary applications during the licensing period.

After licenses have been issued, Arizona Dispensary Solutions will help dispensaries operate efficiently using best practices that are tried and true. We will also help you with patient management solutions, effective record-keeping, and tax strategies to mitigate IRS risk.

Dispensary certificates issued

See the final dispensary certificate list for all the CHAAs (Community Health Analysis Areas) in Arizona.

We base our principles on this basic foundation:

  • GROW: Developing a high-revenue growth model as a not-for-profit entity
  • HARVEST: Building and running organized and compliant dispensaries
  • NURTURE: Taking control of costs without sacrificing long-term success