About Us

Arizona Dispensary Solutions has experience with incorporation, licensing, and operational compliance of medical marijuana dispensaries in other states.

The purpose of our service is to help potential dispensary owners build and implement a dispensary application and implementation plan that will help prospective owners present their case to the Arizona Department of Health Services and open a dispensary in the state of Arizona. Some of the aspects we will cover are:

  • The selection of which approach is best suitable for you as an individual
  • Develop your dispensary’s goals, objectives, incentive systems, organization, financial flexibilities, image and priorities
  • Determine optimum locations based on current regulations
  • Develop your sales forecasting and your budgets for at least the next 18 months
  • Evaluate and meet Proposition 203 non-profit status requirements as they evolve
  • Set up cultivation operations while training & educating your dispensary agents/employees
  • Find the best inventory and auditing system for your business model
  • Developing a model that ensures continuing growth and health

We are a medical marijuana services provider focusing on new and early stage dispensaries and cultivation facilities in the state of Arizona. Being candid with our clients and staying abreast of all compliance requirements is our number one goal . Our success as a medical marijuana consulting service is dependent on the success of each dispensary we provide our services to; therefore, we will not undertake any project until we have completed all required due diligence in order to ensure a high probability of success. We are a service-based agency and will not take ownership in any dispensary in exchange for services.

Arizona Dispensary Solutions is not a source of funding, but rather an organization that will use its consultants’ experience with start-up financing, forecasting, and business plans as a best effort to help you meet your goals.

The compliance, financial, and business consultants at Arizona Dispensary Solutions are passionate about the Medical Marijuana initiative and base all of our principles on that foundation.

Our industry experience and skill sets include business modeling, financial analysis, tax compliance, marketing, clinical compliance, and healthcare systems.

*Arizona Dispensary Solutions does not provide legal services in the state of Arizona.