Marijuana Inc. is real

November 23, 2010 4 Comments by Arizona Dispense

However, it has to be a non-profit in Arizona based on the rules set forth in Proposition 203. The documentary Marijuana Inc. aired on CNBC when California was the only state that had decriminalized medicinal marijuana. In the documentary, one of the topics mentioned is the “Starbucks effect” where dispensaries were growing at an unsustainable rate. Colorado also saw the same phenomenon occur when its laws began to grant patients access to high-grade legalized marijuana and has already begun a reformation to curb the growth of dispensaries.

Arizona seems to have put in initial countermeasures by forcing dispensaries to incorporate as non-profits while limiting the number allowed to less than a hundred per major population center. This is based on using a 10:1 ratio of pharmacies to dispensaries that allow a total of 124 dispensaries in the state of Arizona. The state expects over 5000 applications and has even postponed the docket to evaluate and monitor the health and safety in licensed behavioral health facilities in Arizona as Proposition 203 has superseded in priority due to the nature of the bill. On December 17th, the Arizona Department of Health Services will release the first informal draft of the rules and will be open for comment. This can only get more interesting.

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